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Popular culture and internet garbage, paired with a cup of black coffee.

Mar 20, 2017

Lukas joins the Dudes for the third Lightning Round episode

0:00 -- Brunch

4:05 -- Otter Infographic
Otters are Orsome

6:18 -- Shaun's Reddit Gift Exchange

8:05 -- TV Reboots
New Samurai Jack
Playstation Vue
Futurama Reboot
Twin Peaks Reboot

13:00 -- My Brother, My Brother and Me (The TV Show)

Mar 13, 2017

The Dudes interview Jacob Midkiff about his new film, "Together".

0:00 -- Brunch
The Corn Chip Factory on King of the Hill

4:32 -- Follow-Up
Tom DeLonge UFO Researcher of the Year
Nokia 3310 (The Brick)
The Magic iPod
Nintendo Switch 

25:15 -- On Filmmaking with Jacob Midkiff
Charlie Kaufman
Weezer on Song Exploder 

Mar 6, 2017

The Dudes break down another music meme.

0:00 -- Brunch

1:46 -- Follow-Up
The Nutshack Theme
Overcast 3.0
Fiona the Baby Hippo
Our SubReddit

5:10 -- Shooting Stars Meme
Know Your Meme: Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars Meme Comp
"Genghis Khan" by Miike Snow
Worldstar on Reply All
Inception Shooting...