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Popular culture and internet garbage, paired with a cup of black coffee.

Sep 28, 2015

The dudes, and special guest Kevin, talk about their formative years in high school marching band and the start of the podcast. Everyone explains what happened when their high school friendships fell apart, and what's happened to them since.


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Sep 21, 2015

Long-time friend of the dudes, Kevin Vance, sits down at the table to talk about life before podcasting including stories from school, first kisses and marching band.


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==Time Stamps==


0:00 — Introductions

3:21 — Where We’re From

9:30 — Elementary School Years &...

Sep 15, 2015

Journalist and OU alum Emily Bamforth joins us to talk about Apple products and play Tyler's bullshit RPG.


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== Time Stamps ==

0:00 -- Introductions

3:20 -- Sad-Coms

21:34 -- Siri

36:51 -- iPad Pro

46:28 -- Wands & Weapons (Tyler's BS RPG)

1:28:13 -- Shameless Plugs



Take the...

Sep 9, 2015

Janet Ford, a high school friend of the dudes, joins us at the table to discuss dumb stuff she found online this week.

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0:00 — Introductions

4:00 — Shaun Doesn’t Like Football

19:55 — Visual Novels on YouTube

35:48 — Historical Social Media

52:00 — Cal Chuchesta

Sep 1, 2015

On the table this week: Home screen psychology, the DIY music scene, Amazon’s 1 Hour Delivery and something Tyler wants to talk about. This episode our guest is friend of the show, and former host of “Listen or Don’t”, Tim Miller.


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0:00 — Introductions

3:40 —...