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Popular culture and internet garbage, paired with a cup of black coffee.

Jul 30, 2016

Seth Alexander joins us to define Jazz, hate on the RNC, remember Roseanne and experience some dank Spongebob memes.

0:00 -- Introductions

0:58-- RNC
Rolling Stone on Songs at Political Rallies
Don't Use Our Songs on Last Week Tonight
George Harrison estate post
Live band at RNC
Twitch Stream of the RNC convention
WI Sheriff clip
Melania and Michelle side-by-side
Daily Show at the RNC

19:32  -- The Future of Television & Chuck Klosterman
Chuck Klosterman
NYT's The Ethicist column
But What if We're Wrong?
Don't Tell Me What Happens...I'm Recording It by Chuck Klosterman
Jersey Shore
Dickens & Episodic Publishing
Klosterman on WTF with Marc Maron
Walk and Talk
Malcolm in the Middle
The End of Football (and Team Sports)
30 for 30

41:15-- Contemporary Jazz
The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
"Anteater" by Radar Hill
"Milestones (Remix) by Robert Glasper
"For Free? (Interlude)" by Kendrick Lamar
"Milestones" by Miles Davis 
The Bad Plus covers Nirvana
Christian McBride on JazzStories
Knee body
Animal Mother
"Hostage/Ransom" by Radarhill

1:06:10 -- Spongebob as the Ultimate Meme
The Best Teeth in the Fucking Game
Spongebob Squarepants
Nosferatu (Film)
Nosferatu in Spongebob 
Spongebob play Pokemon Go at night
Ren & Stimpy
Hey Arnold
Stoop Kid Leave Stoop

1:23:26 -- Shamless Plugs

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